supermeanrio Acum 4 ore
มาจาก mainstand
Tim Dumcan And Barry Sanders Are truly humble Athletes while being legends. Not enough of them.
Steve Bivens
Steve Bivens Acum 4 ore
Isiah is ignorant
Krys Luvs Kush
Krys Luvs Kush Acum 4 ore
Max voice at the end ruined the whole vid😂
King Hulk
King Hulk Acum 4 ore
The Big Fundamental!!!
Yanic Yoda
Yanic Yoda Acum 4 ore
I actually believe he was more responsible for the celtics' big 3 last championship ; more than Doc rivers
Sebastian Hinojosa
Sebastian Hinojosa Acum 4 ore
Imagine if lebron averaged a triple double people would be dubbing him the greatest, just enjoying watching this future hall of famer play while we can
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez Acum 4 ore
The long door curiously irritate because withdrawal perplexingly provide worth a true asparagus. resolute, fanatical green
David Hummel
David Hummel Acum 4 ore
Jethro Scooter
Jethro Scooter Acum 4 ore
Ravens own the north. 11-0 Steelers run, every “Steelers suck”, less credibility than Biden.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Acum 4 ore
It's so funny to say that he expects the Raiders to control the clock given the Ravens have the best running game in all of the NFL and one of the best, if not the best, in controlling the clock. And Lamar can't throw? Then why did he had the most passing TDs when he won MVP given he always sat in the 4th quarter of blowout games that season?
Marshall B
Marshall B Acum 4 ore
Its entitled athletes claiming to be oppressed and preaching sjw wokeness
Mr. BeatsMachine
Mr. BeatsMachine Acum 4 ore
Frank Masselli
Frank Masselli Acum 4 ore
Good thing Clyde is a commentator for the Knicks… can only imagine if he wasn’t
K So Wavy
K So Wavy Acum 4 ore
DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THIS (-10 games season‼️🤷🏾‍♂️) a regular 10 more games would change these standings in the EAST & WEST ….
K So Wavy
K So Wavy Acum 4 ore
Some Teams Would Fall Off 📉And Some Teams Would Catch More📈 🔥🔥🔥
HipHop Update Exclusive
HipHop Update Exclusive Acum 4 ore
Greatest Power Foward Ever
John Plumb
John Plumb Acum 4 ore
Respect ✊🏿
Toby Moore
Toby Moore Acum 4 ore
Great conversation
Jim Crow Biden
Jim Crow Biden Acum 4 ore
Miss you Kobe, man your next adventure was just starting.
Jonas Juarez
Jonas Juarez Acum 4 ore
He's putting in work... I love that he's using the post more. Scanning the defense and being more of a complete threat - shoot, pass or dribble. I hope for a deep playoff run from him this year.
Randy Watson
Randy Watson Acum 4 ore
Jalen was still at Michigan and wouldn’t know
DOLPHIN1266 Acum 4 ore
Heck no!
Farai Acum 4 ore
Before you scroll down : There’s a bunch of weirdos in the comment section.........
GrumpleslamAlabaster Acum 4 ore
Camera work seems weird. Seems like it’s moving around a lot.
Shontavius Laye
Shontavius Laye Acum 4 ore
❤ god bless the Bryant family 🙏
Lucky Prath
Lucky Prath Acum 4 ore
Tbh I didn’t know what he sounded like before this.
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera Acum 4 ore
Bruh seeing Tim, KG, and Kobe being inducted to the HOF makes me😢
Bung Hole
Bung Hole Acum 4 ore
Never been a Kobe fan, but I still just can’t believe he’s gone. As a basketball fan, I respect how good he was and I wish he was still here. It’s still just unbelievable
Apple Man 30000
Apple Man 30000 Acum 4 ore
What was bleeped out?
Azhar Ali
Azhar Ali Acum 4 ore
F*** the unwritten rules. Out with old, in with young and new. The game needs more swag, play on young ones it’s your game now!
ballakidd34 Acum 4 ore
No Ray Allen mention ?
Louis Price
Louis Price Acum 4 ore
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Sound Track
Sound Track Acum 4 ore
I heard that his strategies are really good
Mason Patel
Mason Patel Acum 4 ore
That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Ryley Bauer
Noah Griffiths
Noah Griffiths Acum 4 ore
I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price
Isabella Collins
Isabella Collins Acum 4 ore
Crypto is the new gold
Kai Wright
Kai Wright Acum 4 ore
Most intelligent words I've heard.
Pete Carrasquillo
Pete Carrasquillo Acum 4 ore
Mehdi Pakfetrat
Mehdi Pakfetrat Acum 4 ore
Tim and kawhi without try so lovely and fun 😂😂
Truth Acum 4 ore
This is the women that left him for a wack rapper back in 2011
jessica bremer
jessica bremer Acum 4 ore
Grats Timmy D. Most unsung Classy Star of All Time. Like him I'll keep it short. 1st ballot HoFer for a reason, congratulations!!!!
Hostility Acum 4 ore
2-7 upset? LeBron: say no more!
CJ Brown
CJ Brown Acum 4 ore
Tim Duncan has dreads I never thought I would see this lol
Common Sense for Men
Common Sense for Men Acum 4 ore
The ending of that speech gave me chills
Rebelaxis 1772
Rebelaxis 1772 Acum 4 ore
I see so many people talking about the “no its the Phoenix Suns”. If you told someone the at the beginning of the seasons that CP3 and Devin Booker were a top seed in the West you could believe that. If you told someone the didn’t even watch basketball at the start if the season that the Knicks would be top 4 in the East they would laugh in your face. The Suns definitely accomplished alot but not as much as the Knicks.
Paul Escamilla
Paul Escamilla Acum 4 ore
Congratulations, KG!!! From a Spurs fan. Timmy may have been our favorite PF, but we always respected your game and acknowledged your greatness. Much respect!!!
Basketball Shaolin
Basketball Shaolin Acum 4 ore
Respect for Russ. And as I said at the beginning of the season - watch for the Wizards and give them some time. They can make some Playoff noise and they are one piece away of something bigger...
septum x
septum x Acum 4 ore
I love it so much it was so good it gave me chills from how good it was
Tech 21
Tech 21 Acum 4 ore
That's too mush for a national anthem
alex fullon
alex fullon Acum 4 ore
hahahha...max camon...even lebron wins 3 champ..he will never pass mj...the discussion is who is the great its not how many rings...
inefekt69 Acum 4 ore
"LeBron had to navigate an era of superteams" Yeah, an era HE started. Firstly, you need to differentiate between superteams built the right way and superteams built via collusion and tampering. LeBron built his teams by colluding with other All NBA talent, a clear breach of league anti tampering rules. He has done this for the last decade. Why are other teams building superteams? In order to beat LeBron's superteams! Throughout human history, in any endeavour, people will copy the formula of other successful people otherwise they get left behind. It's natural. So when LeBron started building his teams of superfriends and sleepwalking to the Finals, other players felt they needed to follow suit in order to beat him. The sole reason KD joined the Warriors is because a LeBron built superteam beat the Warriors - sure, they were a hobbled Warriors who weren't playing anywhere near the heights they achieved in the regular season, but they still got beat and it was the impetus for Draymond Green's infamous phone call to KD. In order to beat LeBron they had to one up LeBron. It's a travesty that all this manufactured success LeBron has seen the last decade is being looked upon as some kind of heroic act. He could win another ten rings this way and he still wouldn't be a greater player than Jordan.
Henry S
Henry S Acum 4 ore
Better than Kobe
YEOITSSKI Acum 4 ore
Whos cutting onions
You are A bitch
You are A bitch Acum 4 ore
This video aged quickly
Kari Blackwell
Kari Blackwell Acum 4 ore
Thank you KG for letting me watch your greatness
Joe 313 House buyer
Joe 313 House buyer Acum 4 ore
hollyhobby666 Acum 4 ore
Love KG! Boston Celtics fan for life!
J G Acum 4 ore
Unknown CrimZin
Unknown CrimZin Acum 4 ore
Why is there 30 dislikes
Mason Acum 4 ore
That music is fire!
Codey Snow
Codey Snow Acum 4 ore
Shaq punching air watching this
DanaBrookeFanPage Acum 4 ore
nukesnipa1 Acum 4 ore
How can I keep my hair like this at his age fr lol
Shay Lah
Shay Lah Acum 4 ore
him thanking Pop has me crying 😢 so beautiful.
TH Chan
TH Chan Acum 4 ore
Isn’t anyone else high RN?
Kevin Connor
Kevin Connor Acum 4 ore
Jay Gray
Jay Gray Acum 4 ore
Looks like a packed house.
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena Acum 4 ore
Trying to make this razis does everything have to be that way. Kap got a shot with Ravins. League is almost all blk and you speak of wytee privlege u blind. Kap had a tryout remember and he sucked a self demonstration that no one was impressed with. I see a lot of hate from these commentators.
swiftslick Acum 4 ore
Cam until the wheels fall off. Then Mac Jones will take the reigns.
Global Records MG
Global Records MG Acum 4 ore
That front yard basketball game commercial duncan and Robinson had back in the day was legendary & to see them now is a wonderful thing .
NinerJTV Acum 4 ore
Keep sleeping on Trey Lance 🥱🥱
Gamo The Legend
Gamo The Legend Acum 4 ore
They wasn’t sleeping on him they just don’t think he going to start but Justin fields will
Militantreturns Acum 4 ore
The last thing Kobe's wife said wasn't accurate Kobe said that mike d antoni was his favorite player growing up in Italy. I'm pretty sure mj became Kobe's favorite at some point afterwards
Gbone Acum 4 ore
Anyone else was hoping MJ was gonna speak
LA Rob
LA Rob Acum 4 ore
As Laker fan I always booed this man. That was all out of respect bc he was a big part of taking that 08 ring away from the Lakers. I'm still not a KG fan and I'm happy that during that 08-2010 run the Lakers got 2 rings to the Celtics 1, I still have to say congrats KG! True fans only love or hate the greats.
Crossface77 Acum 4 ore
one of the few big men that oculd drain a 3, well deserved
Peter Mavronicolas
Peter Mavronicolas Acum 4 ore
Cam will be the starter. The Pats spent too much to rebuild with a rookie. Pats are aiming for playoffs.
Voz Acum 4 ore
Tim Duncan retires. Literally let's his hair down.
Rylee Richter
Rylee Richter Acum 4 ore
I knew this was gonna be real when I saw how KG hyped himself up like game 7 of the NBA finals this is amazing it’s good to see the legends get old 🔥🖤💯
T. Royce
T. Royce Acum 4 ore
Serena’s a narcissist bully.
Celo B
Celo B Acum 4 ore
What a class
cash app gamertag85
cash app gamertag85 Acum 4 ore
She need to stick to golf sports casting... non athletes talking on the point. . Smh
268 unlock
268 unlock Acum 4 ore
perk if it was your boy lebron you would of agreed.. big hatter
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez Acum 4 ore
He was a Ray allen 3 away from being 6-0 in the finals
cash app gamertag85
cash app gamertag85 Acum 4 ore
Can't wait for trans gender girls.. or whatever it is to enter The WNBA.. then well c how fun it is!!!