Horatio Johnson
Horatio Johnson Acum 21 oră
Lakers got height advantage good scorers just as the nets starters wise and we play defense lakers in 6
Rowan Bowyer
Rowan Bowyer Acum 21 oră
This tantrum makes her appear like a bully and unfortunately dim witted, it’s selfish and uncontrolled rage, I understand defending yourself however she went beyond that and indulged her rage once she did that she lost respect for the game itself.
GodColored Acum 21 oră
Until a Super Star *SOLO's* Lebron in the Playoffs, He's still the best to me.
William Plain
William Plain Acum 21 oră
The Shallow Hal reference was freaking money!
PooPoo PeePee
PooPoo PeePee Acum 21 oră
Vivian flores is a beauty!
Roy Merritt
Roy Merritt Acum 21 oră
Who knows where Kobe Bryant would've went to college because I saw an interview with him wherein he said if he'd decided to attend college and play it would have been at UNC and when he was college age Dean Smith was still the coach in but only for a year because he entered the NBA draft in in 1996 and Smith announced his retirement the following year in October of 1997 and he would have had to play for a time for Bill Guthridge? Now as to Max Kellerman saying he expressed the hypothetical that he would have liked to have been coached on that level by Mike Krzyzewski. While not accusing Kellerman of lying as to that, if such a statement by him was ever video taped and recorded corded I must say I am not aware of it, nor ever seen or heard such a thing. Kobe's not around now to verify or deny it and so Kellerman can readily say it with confidence that someone will not object to it. But if it exists I'm not aware of it.
Isaiah Watkins
Isaiah Watkins Acum 21 oră
how come SAS don't use the "league is weak" argument when talking about Brady?
Shawn The Great
Shawn The Great Acum 21 oră
I am a lifetime 49er fan if we take Mac Jones with the 3rd pick I may turn off the draft. Mac Jones would be the biggest mistake of the draft. While I think the 49ers will take Justin Fields I am praying.they will be brave and take Trey Lance. If you going to gamble why not go all in you are F****ed either way if you pick a bust why not go with the highest ceiling guy
Horatio Johnson
Horatio Johnson Acum 21 oră
Why are you even talking bout bron you said he gone lose to the nets when he pkayed against better teams and with worst players and he rose to the occasion u kill me every year you say the same thing
Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray Acum 21 oră
Beautiful Personality and Beautiful You
White George Floyd
White George Floyd Acum 21 oră
If I got killed by police, LeBron wouldn't care 🥺
Eric Dandron
Eric Dandron Acum 21 oră
Nobody ever mentions John stockton. He's top 3 all day. Magic, Zeke, Stockton
Eastside 81GZA
Eastside 81GZA Acum 21 oră
Nets fan pay attention. U all look like this woman in my head when yall defend the indefensible
Chill Clinton
Chill Clinton Acum 21 oră
Here we go again 🤦🏾‍♂️
Keith Teh
Keith Teh Acum 21 oră
You guys high on drugs? First you said he still has AD, and then go on to say cause of that he’s still at top?????man go listen to what you said
david ocampo
david ocampo Acum 21 oră
Since this is also a political show, why don't you talk about LeBron's deleted tweet threatening a police officer who saved a person from being stabbed
Leonel Langston
Leonel Langston Acum 21 oră
As much as I hate the Debate MJ X LBJ, I'm MJ all the way... You have to be a FOOL to not recognize Greatness and LBJ is still the best and most marketable player in the game....
Ally Al
Ally Al Acum 21 oră
Slow release equals ints in the NFL
KayTee704 Acum 21 oră
Mac Jones had Blaine Gabbert wrote all over him
Fernando Avalos
Fernando Avalos Acum 21 oră
Nah lebron is and will always be trash
Irwin Logan Sr
Irwin Logan Sr Acum 21 oră
She is so beautiful!!!
zzuhari Acum 21 oră
so bad
GRNCRK Acum 21 oră
Jake Paul vs DDG
Akash Giri
Akash Giri Acum 21 oră
Because he laughs like BAKRA
Sheldon Fraser
Sheldon Fraser Acum 21 oră
Gary Sheffield is a juicehead he was on the Mitchell report
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments Acum 21 oră
Wanna hear a joke: New York Knicks
Roll Tide
Roll Tide Acum 21 oră
Just STFU and WIN!
Te Lamb
Te Lamb Acum 21 oră
Bobby knuckles said he’d fight him for less then half a mil, y’all thoughts? Ben askren for money and Nate Rob and son
"My brotha Steph Curry is simply the greatest shooter God has ever created." -Stephen A. Smith
sand k
sand k Acum 21 oră
Look Lebron is sometimes the best player but when people talk about him they talk career we talking bout now!
Hate to say it but Steven A is right about this one
Jacob Buchanan
Jacob Buchanan Acum 21 oră
this is someone special i have 0 doubt
Danny Schoe
Danny Schoe Acum 21 oră
Didnt mike tanebaum get fired??? I dint respect his opinion
andylauchoira Acum 21 oră
There may be another guy that may be better than Tom Brady and his name is Jack Brady.
kwame nyame
kwame nyame Acum 21 oră
No way bron the best player in the league... probably not even top 5...
BFHRD503 X Acum 21 oră
It's funny how espn is not talking about Lebron deleted tweet. 🤣
BFHRD503 X Acum 21 oră
@Nathaneal Adjei about the cop in Columbus. He tweeted your next.
Nathaneal Adjei
Nathaneal Adjei Acum 21 oră
what delted tweet
Mike Bryant
Mike Bryant Acum 21 oră
Nobody watches this trash.
Luis Segura
Luis Segura Acum 21 oră
Mac destroyed Ohios defense. Justin got beat down by a baby NFL-like Defense in the championship. End of story
Hash Moncrief
Hash Moncrief Acum 21 oră
LeBron James has never been the best player in the game never, the best at losing six championships, the best of saying🖕 to Cleveland, and crawling to the great Dwyane Wade in Miami
Mike Graber
Mike Graber Acum 21 oră
Ali was a POS as an athlete. Calling JF ignorant and gorilla. Most boxing historians consider JF to be the better boxer. But Ali promoted himself more successfully.
j p
j p Acum 21 oră
You guys disrespect kobe EVERY time you call lebron the goat, y'all know that right
Obito Nerfherder
Obito Nerfherder Acum 21 oră
he's not out, he's just being RESTED for the PLAYOFFS like of basketball as usual
T Mot
T Mot Acum 21 oră
I think Kd is the best player. If we were to put an equal amount of talent on each team, then exchange them with each superstar, Kd’s team would be the best.
Henry Serrano-Wu
Henry Serrano-Wu Acum 21 oră
Question for curry fans: Do you think curry deserved 2015 regular season mvp? If the answer is yes than that means he doesn't deserve this years mvp, and if you think he should win it this year than u also think he shouldnt have won it 2015. Can't have double standards, and the standard of the mvp over past seasons show curry has no chance of getting mvp.
Kanesha Respess
Kanesha Respess Acum 21 oră
You just hattin on jake paul he knocked em out let it be
Maurice Barlow
Maurice Barlow Acum 21 oră
Okay knicks fans relax you still suck like stephen a smith talk to me when you get to the playoffs ha ha ha ha .
Clevis Bernier
Clevis Bernier Acum 21 oră
You guys ask this every week,
G C Acum 21 oră
Please baby Jesus, let Tampa Bay draft Trask 32nd in the first round. Let him learn from the GOAT for a few years. 🙏
Lucy Acum 21 oră
-.- Nothing related to teachers nor students. Can't compete with Roger Federer having given birth or whatever (he forgot about Germany's free university).
Big White
Big White Acum 21 oră
He's one of the most racist. That's for sure.
j 314
j 314 Acum 21 oră
Lol so the answer is yes but no explanation why Bron is the best. There are better scorers, better defenders, there are players who put up better stats that dominate the ball like Bron. The best thing that people come up with is..."He's 36 and still playing at a high level." 😄
New Harper
New Harper Acum 21 oră
Disagree with K’Shawn. Kyle Pitts is faster than him when he came out. What’s he talking about?
Anthony McArthur
Anthony McArthur Acum 21 oră
There a difference between being a better teammate and being a better player
Christ Alone 89
Christ Alone 89 Acum 21 oră
The fact that he is 35 and still in the conversation as the best in the nba is just amazing
DB123448 Acum 21 oră
Lucy Acum 21 oră
We're not black. Just like caregiving Haitians.
Km Wicke
Km Wicke Acum 21 oră
Why do you guys do this no one wants to hear her mouth . Stop having woman tall about men's sports it's stupid
James Yates
James Yates Acum 21 oră
Sheffield has always bitched and moaned about everything . Gary not known as a great teammate .
Lucy Acum 21 oră
Lol. He didn't shave his head.
Ally Al
Ally Al Acum 21 oră
They should take Trey Lance with #3 pick. He would be perfect in tht offense
Lamarcus Knight
Lamarcus Knight Acum 21 oră
He switched he his words up that’s quick. He said that he loved playing there. Not you he would love to play there
Jeremy Cavazos
Jeremy Cavazos Acum 21 oră
What if the Nets and Lakers were 100% healthy. Who would would win the chip?
2Bhonest 2Bhonest
2Bhonest 2Bhonest Acum 21 oră
SAS sounds PARANOID. Eric bienemy is gonna get a HC job watch and see. Anyone would look good with mahommes tyreke hill and kelce with Andy Reid. He should and will get a HC job. It’s not nearly the stigma it once was and it’s getting better and better every year with HC and QBs but some talk like it’s the 50s
Lucy Acum 21 oră
It's fine if you spend frugally and serve females.
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez Acum 21 oră
Nope new york is not the greatest city in the world.
Pat4Clippers Acum 21 oră
If Michael Jordan played wide receiver in the NFL, he would be MegaTron.
Nemesis Enforcer
Nemesis Enforcer Acum 21 oră
Most people at baseball game are on their phone most of the time.
ndasneak Acum 21 oră
Yes. Lebron James is still the best player in the NBA.
huey freeman
huey freeman Acum 21 oră
Lebron is still the best until he's beaten in the playoffs.
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones Acum 21 oră
He's Still the BEST, all the guys you name hasn't did it better than he has!!!!!
Russell Smart
Russell Smart Acum 21 oră
I know ain’t no one perfect but Zion would kill c web and juwan Howard single handily
Matt's Movie Reviews
Matt's Movie Reviews Acum 21 oră
So Lebron just arrogantly put a police officers life in danger, and THIS is what you are talking about?!
Mare Care
Mare Care Acum 21 oră
all fake injuries, they'll saving them for playoffs
jso Acum 21 oră
jordan hill just spat his breakfast out
jjohnson5214 Acum 21 oră
I donated my wrist to Lamelo
aligreaper19 Acum 21 oră
He’s a better player than magic johnson
David H
David H Acum 21 oră
Jokic the best player in the world right now
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Acum 21 oră
Bustiki Can
Bustiki Can Acum 21 oră
LeBron [email protected] My team and this league just went through a difficult week. I think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others. And I believe nobody stopped and considered what would happen. Could have waited a week to send it.
Robert Ayala
Robert Ayala Acum 21 oră
Lebron is an amazing player. Too bad his social justice BS will always cloud his legacy.