Mo Saine
Mo Saine Acum 20 ore
Sorry but Jokic or Embiid should get it this year if they continue to play at the level they are
Rae Smith
Rae Smith Acum 20 ore
He's better than lebron
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts Acum 20 ore
Luka is the real deal. Excited to see him continue to play at an elite level
Mutant Outkast
Mutant Outkast Acum 20 ore
Melo to lamelo, no copyright infringement while your trying to gain fame off the name the future hall of famer has made .
Bob Macado
Bob Macado Acum 20 ore
Lebron has played 5 more games than harden
Jon Stark
Jon Stark Acum 20 ore
*Aw yes...Keyshawn Johnson always coming in with the hot takes. If anyone watched the Cardinals last year, with one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, they never lost a game by more than 10pts. They had a shot to win in every game they played in, even the ones they performed poorly in. JJ brings a dimension to the game not just physically but mentally too, which will be very beneficial for this rising defense.*
Khalil xxx
Khalil xxx Acum 20 ore
Kyrie the type of player that needs to just shut up n dribble , he always starting sum in the media
Marcus Sr Elliott
Marcus Sr Elliott Acum 20 ore
Ya forget. Charlie ward
sean24833 Acum 20 ore
Does anyone else hate cam newton helmet
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny Acum 20 ore
Not even a discussion.. Harden vs Embiid for MVP.. Lebron not even on the top 5 this season.. 😬
He reminds me of Charles Barkley and Mix of Shaq.
Jr Garcia
Jr Garcia Acum 20 ore
Seattle's mayor is a joke just like governor Inslee 😂
Graeme Matamua
Graeme Matamua Acum 20 ore
I'm just happy he's living up to the hype
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Acum 20 ore
Cam is a backup not a starter.
Playboi Abdi
Playboi Abdi Acum 20 ore
Yeh he was at lil baby party came back and gave 40 he didn’t want play his heart out for a trash team that not making the playoffs
Kilo Wolf
Kilo Wolf Acum 20 ore
The 2and best is justin fields.
Mike Desilvestri
Mike Desilvestri Acum 20 ore
Trey Thompson
Trey Thompson Acum 20 ore
I'd draft QB in the second round before I let Cam start he's a good guy but his time is up
lee street
lee street Acum 20 ore
Keyshawn knows what he's talking about
If hes not in Washington....he'll be in Jacksonville with Urban.
BobbyMarley Acum 20 ore
Could We Finally be getting a Subway series Again?
Long Live The Black Mamba
Long Live The Black Mamba Acum 20 ore
Luke McGowan
Luke McGowan Acum 20 ore
and so collin sexton went on to be a better player in his first 3 years than jr smith ever was
Wolf Williams
Wolf Williams Acum 20 ore
I miss these
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze Acum 20 ore
Bro what they are a 500 team y’all happy
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell Acum 20 ore
lee street
lee street Acum 20 ore
As long as Larry Williams is there they'll never win now
Leon Perez
Leon Perez Acum 20 ore
Who’s that blonde lady sheesh beautiful
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke Acum 20 ore
No he wanted money and ring. Cardinals can make a playoffs and after that anything is possible.
Adit Roy-Choudhury
Adit Roy-Choudhury Acum 20 ore
Why are yall hating on the cards i dont understand
Big J
Big J Acum 20 ore
Cam looks done to me, hopefully I'm wrong but I just don't see it.
CuatroCinco Acum 20 ore
I mean the only argument is he’s playing with 2 superstars but the nets without KD is pretty much the rockets. Only difference is kyrie is better than John wall
Nightmare Files
Nightmare Files Acum 20 ore
I don’t think a helicopter should be the new logo for the NBA. That’s just my opinion.
CEREALANDMILK305 Acum 20 ore
Why ESPN not covering lamelo on tv .....
Bossgrew Acum 20 ore
Cam is a good fit for Washington. I want it to happen but Ron ain’t gonna do it.
Shermaine Callahan
Shermaine Callahan Acum 20 ore
Watts is cashing out ,good for him!
KingKongStrong Acum 20 ore
Melo is a scorer. He will be that until he retires. Stay focus and Melo might get the Blazers to the WCFinals
YouWouldn'tGetIt Acum 20 ore
Not everyone is a ring chaser smh Superbowls are the most overrated championship in all of sports
MR. MITCH Acum 20 ore
If Watt doesn't get hurt...
C E C K Acum 20 ore
Shaq really going for the money in bootleg WWE
Ree Finesse
Ree Finesse Acum 20 ore
Wrestling getting desperate😹
milanfan81 Acum 20 ore
This is where the C's miss Smart.. Without his voice everyone is a bit idle on D
King Virus
King Virus Acum 20 ore
As soon as Wood left they have been constantly losing. I think that says something
Red Rock 310
Red Rock 310 Acum 20 ore
Jacksonville do not deserve Alex smith
Coach Gill
Coach Gill Acum 20 ore
Zlatan is the best. I’ll watch Zlatan over lebron all day. Take politics and over sensitive emotions out of Sport. Real will recognize real, if you’re recognized right now or by who you want to be hailed by, move on. Sport is for warriors, not cry babies. I’m tired of this whining now.
Joseph BIKIE
Joseph BIKIE Acum 20 ore
For a minute i thought that guy was Tony Kroos
Liquid Snowy
Liquid Snowy Acum 20 ore
Not smart when Wentz is the one throwing the ball bud lmao
Prince7 Acum 20 ore
Lol and when they don’t you’ll make more excuses or say they need another star
Ryan Mchowell
Ryan Mchowell Acum 20 ore
Please just stfu and talk about the trash that is called the NBA today.
Junzhe Zhang
Junzhe Zhang Acum 20 ore
He wanted happiness, I guess.
Randy at Random
Randy at Random Acum 20 ore
Anthony Edwards is the Vince Carter of the modern NBA
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus Acum 20 ore
AEW getting some love. You love to see it
Ren Acum 20 ore
gogo Acum 20 ore
Says the guy whose team was flipping a bottle in a blowout game and dude been salty lebron didn’t get him more rings lol
morales1ist Acum 20 ore
ESPN in bed with China like argument here I guess.
William Sabb
William Sabb Acum 20 ore
@Mj's Secret Stuff @alex pearson @BigNigIncoming Hope you casual fans watched this game and learnt that it's only ONE Melo in this mf
Ama Jang
Ama Jang Acum 20 ore
OG Melo: let me show this Younggin
heat Sbeat
heat Sbeat Acum 20 ore
in a League with no touch defense its no mystery offense will dominate. Put MJ on Defense on any of those new shool Clowns. MJ was tackled,pulled, hands on his forehead at each Jumpshot, still the best scorer in history, KD comes very close but keep in mind no one is defending KD for real.
Norman Brown
Norman Brown Acum 20 ore
Stephen A. literally said...NOTHING of consequence. Once again Max has to step up in his major reason why people have switched to FS1 to watch "Undisputed" regardless if you like them or not Shannon and Skip arent walking on eggshells there.
Pat S
Pat S Acum 20 ore
If Klay comes back, LeBron is still the MVP because he is 36 years old. - Brian Windhorst, Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelbourne
Jay Plays
Jay Plays Acum 20 ore
This is gonna be a disaster...
MLP Acum 20 ore
Let's pretend Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boys Pistons didn't even exist
Jon Roy
Jon Roy Acum 20 ore
The next great black golfer must be the next Tiger Woods....even if his game is more like Jack Nicklaus. That's racist af!
Kyrgyz Acum 20 ore
Who’s here after the CPAC national anthem singing?
Jo Acum 20 ore
goodness what is wrong with our front office. Why get rid of Alex smith, and why get cam. No offense to cam but he’s not in his prime anymore
J Man
J Man Acum 20 ore
Lol so you upset about cam but you want one legged alex smith? You sound crazy
Big J
Big J Acum 20 ore
@Larry Yuk not based off of the way he played last year.
Larry Yuk
Larry Yuk Acum 20 ore
Cam is only 31 so he not in his prime?
ZayBreezy Acum 20 ore
Neither is Alex. We've seen that he hasn't been the same since that leg injury. Now that they got rid of Dwayne Haskins, Taylor Heinicke is really all they have, and he isn't going to bring up this Washington team. I can see Cam Newton do that, however. They have the defense, it's just the offense that has severed since Smith's injury. Why not have an experiment with him?
Frank Segura
Frank Segura Acum 20 ore
Arizona kinda feels like the NFC version of the Texans IMO. Don’t really see them winning but they will always give teams a fight in the regular season.
That Boy
That Boy Acum 20 ore
Now he is throwing to Paul Goldschmidt. Sheesh
Devin Castellanos
Devin Castellanos Acum 20 ore
Million dollar athletes crying about a hard life bc they don’t want to play for a specific team. And I can’t even get a job making $45,000 annually. Talk about ‘privilege’ and navigating your own path when you’re not even the boss smh
Augustus McMillan
Augustus McMillan Acum 20 ore
that Brady wife's money is BS. BEFORE they were married he still was never the highest paid QB.
Chambers Fridays
Chambers Fridays Acum 20 ore
Robinson n Kindred nun catch n shoot is wonderful
RAMZYY Acum 20 ore
Calling him the greatest shooter of all time is disrespectful to him because people are gonna look at him as ray allen or Reggie Miller don’t compare them he’s one of the greatest player not shooter
TopDuke Acum 20 ore
The Cowboys did offer Dak a contract and he turned it down last off-season. So the narrative that Dallas doesn't want Dak is false. It is the number of years and the fact that the tag will pay almost 38M this season and is presumed to be about 54M next season. That is 92M in guaranteed money. I think the length of the contract, a contract that is almost entirely guaranteed, and the fact that Dak's agent knows that Dak will break the bank on the free agent market are all obstacles in preventing a deal.
Gadjiglo Znone
Gadjiglo Znone Acum 20 ore
All these people here are absolutely spineless.
Gary Trent Jr
Gary Trent Jr Acum 20 ore
Go blazers!!! On to GSW
Chicago 19
Chicago 19 Acum 20 ore
No Alex smith on the bears the dude can barley move
John Acum 21 oră
Cardinals will surprise some people.
The News In ASL
The News In ASL Acum 21 oră
This is hilarious. ESPCNN is having to report on professional wrestling, because AEW is beating the NSJWA, formerly the NBA, in the ratings.
DenzelAy xBeats
DenzelAy xBeats Acum 21 oră
doesn’t matter what Fred is listed... he’s 6’0 MAX lol