It's 'really incredible' what the Warriors are doing this season - Jay Williams | NBA Countdown

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Adrian Wojnarowski, Jalen Rose and Jay Williams join Maria Taylor on NBA Countdown to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers' play without Anthony Davis and the Golden State Warriors' success this season.
0:00 The crew breaks down LeBron James, Dennis Schroder and the Lakers.
2:44 The crew discusses Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and the Warriors.
4:26 JWill says what the Warriors are doing this season is "really incredible."
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ESPN Acum lună
0:00​ The crew breaks down LeBron James, Dennis Schroder and the Lakers. 2:44​ The crew discusses Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and the Warriors. 4:26​ JWill says what the Warriors are doing this season is "really incredible."
al humph24
al humph24 Acum lună
@Sumumba Sobukwe it's the lakers.....defending Champs, same thing happened with the nets. Certain teams are just clearly better in every way. But trust they'll make the playoffs
Sumumba Sobukwe
Sumumba Sobukwe Acum lună
I guess this was recorded before the game last night ..because they played like complete trash...curry and draymond as well they need another piece to even make the playoffs if they played like last night....and I'm a huge GSW fan..🤷👎
Poter Mur
Poter Mur Acum lună
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Evy salazar
Evy salazar Acum lună
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Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Acum lună
Clarence Lee
Clarence Lee Acum lună
Tendonosis. Tendonitis+hypnosis.
Mark Patton
Mark Patton Acum lună
It's really amazing what the Minnesota Timberwolves are doing this season
KOLD B. BRYAIN'T Acum lună
I been telling people for a minute that Denis Schroder is the second coming of rondo..he plays a similar style to Playoff Rondo
i d
i d Acum lună
Dirk won 50 games every year with only playing with 1 other all star at the most. Same with Damian lillard. Lol really impressed a 2 time mvp can be 3 games over 500 with just one other all star
SlykTech Acum lună
How about the Phoenix Suns or is everyone just sleeping on them? The Warriors and the Lakers were known to be top teams but the Phoenix Suns are now No. 2.
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch Acum lună
Steph Curry has been the dark horse MVP Candidate.
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch Acum lună
Go Golden State Warriors. 🌉🏀
Brett Salazar
Brett Salazar Acum lună
Draymond Green is not the facilitator/point guard the offense still flows through curry even when he doesn’t have the ball
Hilton Smith
Hilton Smith Acum lună
elmalloc Acum lună
Jimmy Logan
Jimmy Logan Acum lună
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R. De Jesus
R. De Jesus Acum lună
Why is dude wearing a big pin?..
A R Acum lună
I like lebron off the court, but not on the court. His signature move is pushing people out of the way for a layup or bulldozing them for a dunk, and then asking for a foul call if he bricks.🤷‍♂️ I’d rather watch Steph go off for 50 or lamelo do something interesting.
Maryam Abdulmumin
Maryam Abdulmumin Acum lună
The warriors are "incredible"? My spurs have been hanging around the 5th and 6th seed all this time with no fancy superstar, and I am yet to hear a thing about them on TV. OMG.
Red Red
Red Red Acum lună
Nobody watches tv anymore.
McKinnly Walker
McKinnly Walker Acum lună
Never have I seen a player who scores less than 10pts a game get praised so much.
McKinnly Walker
McKinnly Walker Acum lună
@A R lol ok
A R Acum lună
Then you’re not watching his games or you don’t get basketball.
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins
Jonathan Hamilton Ragins Acum lună
5.7 though 🤷🏿‍♂️ Love his game though
An Actual Opinion
An Actual Opinion Acum lună
Real quick...If Draymond "effects winning" so much ..why were they the worst team in the L last year?..and Pascal and Lee and other played Much better then Green... Jus asking....
Bryon Carter
Bryon Carter Acum lună
Steph is the MVP
jason dennis
jason dennis Acum lună
Steph curry is not the third best scorere he is the league Best scorers, she needs to get her facts straight.
Aaron hockey
Aaron hockey Acum lună
The warriors are trash now do not what they used to be
Ke Dixon
Ke Dixon Acum lună
They’re missing Klay Thompson. Still young and talented everywhere on the court with good veterans like curry and draymond. The media try’s so hard to push narratives and it’s disgusting. Nothing to see here folks, it’s a 19-15 team featuring former MVP and DPOTY.
An Actual Opinion
An Actual Opinion Acum lună
@Ke Dixon EVERY single player in the NBA is "Talented" on paper theres a LOT of teams that have better players then the 19-16 warriors..Kings and Hawks have more "talent" on paper..Warriors roster is nothing special at all
Ke Dixon
Ke Dixon Acum lună
@An Actual Opinion Draymond, Wiseman, Wiggins, Oubre are all talented. Don’t try to argue this you’ll just look stupid.
An Actual Opinion
An Actual Opinion Acum lună
talent ever where on the court?!?!?
Karthikeyan Loganathan
Karthikeyan Loganathan Acum lună
Jay Will about to punch someone in the thumbnail lmao 🤣🤣🤣
João Pedro Ferreira
João Pedro Ferreira Acum lună
People always talking about the Warriors but what about Damian Lillard and the Blazers that are missing 2 of its 3 stars majority of the season and still are Top 5 in the West?
João Pedro Ferreira
João Pedro Ferreira Acum lună
@A R so Damian Lillard and CJ Mccollum are boring? Carmelo Anthony is boring? Wow you dont know nothing about basketball 😂😂. Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr and Damion Lee are crowd gatherers... You must think the Spurs were boring too
A R Acum lună
They’re boring. Warriors are missing their best two way player and were missing all three of their centers.
nick jones
nick jones Acum lună
If we’re calling Harden a point guard now I think its fair to start categorizing steph and Kyrie as SGs
Antonio F. Chapa
Antonio F. Chapa Acum lună
What about the spurs?
Amol Rode
Amol Rode Acum lună
You need to watch this show. Not the clips
Killa Kam
Killa Kam Acum lună
Yeahhh, really amazing how they're fighting for a playoff spot lol
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - Acum lună
@Killa Kam Ok let’s do some basic math. There are 30 teams in the NBA. Divide that by 2 because they’re split up by half into each conference. That’s 15 teams per conference. The “upper half” of a single conference would be the 7/8 teams with the best records in the UPPER half of the conference. The warriors when i made this comment were the 7/8 seed. What would that mean? Oh yeah.. That’d mean they’re in the upper half of teams in their respective conference.
Killa Kam
Killa Kam Acum lună
@Cheerioss - The Warriors aren't in the upper half and you yourself literally just said that bruh 😐 your own comment smh 😑
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - Acum lună
@Killa Kam How can you be firmly in a position to make a push for a top seed when you aren’t in the upper half teams in the league 🤨 I mean maybe that sounded good in your head but nah bro 💀💀
Killa Kam
Killa Kam Acum lună
@Cheerioss - lol by that logic everyone in the conference is "firmly" in a position to make a push for a top seed. 🤣
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - Acum lună
The knicks, jazz and spurs definitely need a shout out too and i might be bias a little here but they also should show my hornets some love too. Do you see the hustle and fire we’ve been playing with
wayne conway
wayne conway Acum lună
The last two seasons where Steph was the undisputed top guy on the Warriors he won MVP and then unanimous MVP. Then he took a step away from the spotlight when KD arrived. I don't understand why people are so shocked that he's gone right back into MVP mode now that he's the top guy again. It was inevitable.
Adebambo Adejobi
Adebambo Adejobi Acum lună
Warriors literally have a top 2 PG oat and that’s “incredible” but Knicks being 4th seed isn’t ???
Big Bruv
Big Bruv Acum lună
The 5th to 8th seed in the east had a losing record at one point. The 10th seed in the west had a better record than some of the the top 8 Eastern teams. Playoff seed doesn't tell the whole story. Right now the knicks and raptors only have a .500 record, you'd need to go all the way down to the ELEVENTH seed in the west to get a team below .500. And the gap between the 4th seed and the top 3 in the east is huge. So no, its not incredible
Sazid _
Sazid _ Acum lună
It's the east lol Warriors would be the 4th seed in the east They're the 8th seed in the West lol WEAK EAST
Paulafan5 Acum lună
Just above .500 without Klay. That's not a surprise. They still have Curry, Wiggins, Green and support pieces.
Eric Reid
Eric Reid Acum lună
This isnt really amazing. This is essentially what James harden has done in Houston for the last 9 years. Steph isn't as good as James. I've been saying this. Steph has had better teams, but stack harden and curry head to head. Remove TEAM accomplishments, you see they are similar but harden has been more productive.
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns Acum lună
I really don’t find what the warriors are doing “incredible.” Last year pretty much all their core was injured, and even without okay, they have a lottery pick as well. If anything, I think they are as good as they should be.
Mitchell Pearson
Mitchell Pearson Acum lună
@Billboe Bagginns yeah I understand the Curry hate then..😀😀
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns Acum lună
@Mitchell Pearson I’m a cavs fan bro
Mitchell Pearson
Mitchell Pearson Acum lună
@Billboe Bagginns yep a bronsexual 😂😂😂
Billboe Bagginns
Billboe Bagginns Acum lună
@Mitchell Pearson what do the lakers have to do with anything I said?
Mitchell Pearson
Mitchell Pearson Acum lună
You must be a bronsexual still salty 😀😀😀
KittyLazyBeamz Acum lună
I always find it funny everyone forgetting the warriors. Even without Klay they are scary. How is this surprising?
Marcus Amante
Marcus Amante Acum lună
Once injuries come their depth is a problem, but they are playing hard and together and trying their best with what they have
random person
random person Acum lună
Its ridiculous how impactful Draymond and curry to think them alone makes a bad a roster a playoff team and mabey a second rounder. Dare draymond and curry together surpasses even lebron's impact?
ladyqua noneofyabusiness
ladyqua noneofyabusiness Acum lună
aroperdope Acum lună
Finally Jay Will shaved that mess off his face...
Patrick Keeney
Patrick Keeney Acum lună
It wasn’t thaaaat bad
Hap Hebrew
Hap Hebrew Acum lună
Steph is playing like he played at Davidson.
ladyqua noneofyabusiness
ladyqua noneofyabusiness Acum lună
Kosta Ceprnic
Kosta Ceprnic Acum lună
Warriors baby!!!
No Klay, Draymond missing some games, Wiseman a rookie...Yeah they are doing pretty well for what their lineup is. Steph is definitely carrying them to the playoffs, and it's fun to watch.
deep deep
deep deep Acum lună
40 point blow out by the Lakers so incredible
deep deep
deep deep Acum lună
@Fredrick Lee -_- toh mah
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
Didn’t the Lakers lose to the Wizards and just got blown out by the Jazz? You guys use zero logic in these posts. Why be such a hater?
Maurice Jenkins
Maurice Jenkins Acum lună
It’s really incredible what the knicks are doing this season
maskedleopard0 Acum lună
ProdIsaiah ➐
ProdIsaiah ➐ Acum lună
When will they ever acknowledge the Miami Heat for their hard work this szn, they've came a long way. 5th in the Eastern Conference..., Miami Heat ain't no fluke! 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥💯
kikirowy Acum lună
I'm tired of seeing media sucking Curry and Warriors off. They have a very good team and if Curry is as good as media say he is, the playoff should be a bare minimum. LeBron carried much worse teams than this years Warriors without Klay not even to to the playoffs but to the Finals. They have the most expensive payroll in the whole NBA and along with Curry still have quality and expensive players like Wiggins, Draymond, Oubre and 2nd pick in Wiseman.
Karanveer Dhillon
Karanveer Dhillon Acum lună
Exactly bruh, that’s what I’ve been saying this whole year, but the media will push whatever narrative they want so all casuals watching will believe them anyways
ZeroTurn Acum lună
Might as well give Monta Ellis a call up.
En Sabah Nur
En Sabah Nur Acum lună
Saginaw Pride!
Jarvis Foster
Jarvis Foster Acum lună
Steph Curry is not held to the same standard as lebron
PFG Acum lună
He actually is if you look closely. Problem is they don’t include him in “the best” conversations, yet expect so much from him.
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Acum lună
Getting blown out by a struggling lakers team? 😂🤟🏿
Peezy ThaGOD
Peezy ThaGOD Acum lună
NYK do not need a PG we need a SF WoJ
TimeCop Acum lună
The Warriors are 19-16. They are 6-4 in their last 10 games. Tf is JWill talkin about?!
Bigchris Big chris
Bigchris Big chris Acum lună
Do bad they played the lakers right after this and got destroyed
Matthias Roser
Matthias Roser Acum lună
Draymond still averaging a triple Single
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Life Acum lună
@Danny Chicaglo Not too many that fits the Warriors needs better than him though at both ends of the floor. He is a unique player with his bball IQ that makes him the prime facilitator when they have the ball and the orchestrator of their defense. I personally would like to have seen him work on his scoring (shooting and creating for himself) over the years but I guess 🎵you can’t always get what you want🎵
@Danny Chicaglo no you can’t. Stop while your ahead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Danny Chicaglo
Danny Chicaglo Acum lună
@Brandon Kim i can name 100 players rn better than him
Matthias Roser
Matthias Roser Acum lună
@Brandon Kim nah
Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim Acum lună
And yet does more than people can see
blic leak
blic leak Acum lună
The problem is that Steph is WAY TOO AFRAID of Lebron.
blic leak
blic leak Acum lună
@TimeCop Steph is my favourite player, but he is too nice sometimes because he doe snot have that cutting edge.
Lhype Acum lună
@TimeCop bron got robbed of mvp in 2017 or 18 and bron owns Curry
Karanveer Dhillon
Karanveer Dhillon Acum lună
@TimeCop I mean Steph did have to call up KD to beat LeBron once he had a healthy team
TimeCop Acum lună
Wait Steph has 3 rings and 2 mvps. Bron has 4 rings and 4 mvps. Bron hasn't won a mvp since 2013 though. So why exactly do you think Steph is afraid of lebron?
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公
さよなら ポケモンモジャ公 Acum lună
Jwill scared of bron
Firestarter Acum lună
This didn't age well. Just got owned tonight.
M. Myrick
M. Myrick Acum lună
19-16 is incredible?
Josh Schang
Josh Schang Acum lună
19 and 18 now lol and no one is watching woke basketball 😂😂
M. Myrick
M. Myrick Acum lună
@Lorzano, Edmar Jason C. We’ll see
Lorzano, Edmar Jason C.
Lorzano, Edmar Jason C. Acum lună
@M. Myrick they will they'll be the 5th or 6th seed considering their easy schedule in the second half of the seaon
M. Myrick
M. Myrick Acum lună
@Lorzano, Edmar Jason C. So that’s incredible? Warriors won’t even make the playoffs
Lorzano, Edmar Jason C.
Lorzano, Edmar Jason C. Acum lună
@M. Myrick knicks are 4th seed ij the east, better record than the heat the celtics, the raptors, the pacers,
Lontell West
Lontell West Acum lună
Steph was mvp not klay they’re doing what they should be doing
Kuzie Mkosana
Kuzie Mkosana Acum lună
How the media is trying to legitimize giving lebron the MVP smh
Firestarter Acum lună
Leading the 2nd best record team in the league in Points, Minutes, and Assists, while being a close 2nd in Rebounds, Steals, and PER (excluding Damian Jones's very efficient 8 minutes)... A team that hasn't had it's most talented player for 12 games, lost its #3 scorer to COVID protocol for 4 games, and has been in contention to win all but a couple games despite horrific shooting and roll player performances. . The only thing Curry does is flop around and score, well tonight he did one of those since he only got 16 points. It was amazing to watch AC fart and Curry just not be able to find the ground beneath his legs even though AC was 5 feet behind him. . But, if tricking the refs is an MVP quality, then Curry has that going for him.
E Z Acum lună
They’re 8th in the league from being a top team in the league. Not that impressive 😂
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1 Acum lună
@Tadiwanashe Chigowe credit to Oubre and Wiggins for carrying Curry
Tadiwanashe Chigowe
Tadiwanashe Chigowe Acum lună
They were the worst team last season. And they are 8th now with no Klay. Give credit where its due
게비스콘 Acum lună
this didn't age well 😭
Cold World54thSt
Cold World54thSt Acum lună
What happened?
dawit on cracK
dawit on cracK Acum lună
1 game changes a 72 game season
Brandon Rocha
Brandon Rocha Acum lună
What a low standard for basketball
Pat S
Pat S Acum lună
But ESPN stats show that LeBron is the only player averaging 26 8 8 at 36 years old. No other player in the league averages that at 36. Curry is only 32 and should not be MVP
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
@Pat S Why does his age matter? There’s always an excuse as to why you folks think LeBron should win. You all also thought he was “carrying” the Lakers with AD last year, and that despite AD’s stats and impact, that LeBron was MVP. And even thought LeBron had something to do with AD hitting that buzzer beater in the finals when he excluded himself from the play. LeBron is amazing, but you guys need to start adding logic to your arguments. It’s starting to get ridiculous.
Pat S
Pat S Acum lună
@TimeCop yeah. Tell that to ESPN (Brian Windhorst, Ramona Shelbourne, and Rachel Nicholes). He’s MVP because he is 36 years old.
TimeCop Acum lună
It's so sad that some fans haven't figured out stats can be used many different ways, in a player's favor or against them. I am 100% positive with a little digging someone can find a stat that shows Curry has done something that only a few have ever done or that no one has ever done. FFS how many players in the league right now are 36 yrs old?
Diggy Diggs
Diggy Diggs Acum lună
They're holding their own as best as they could without Klay.
Gary Woods
Gary Woods Acum lună
@Fredrick Lee facts
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
@Slang Bender Curry has developed All Stars with very specific attributes that allowed them to be successful. Both were drafted, and both great with the team. And they haven’t been all stars for 6 years. Go check how many times they’ve been voted in and you’ll know that’s not true. Curry was the All Star on that team before Klay and Draymond were ever considered. And truth be told, they were only considered because of the historic 73-9 run.
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
@bilz khan Exactly. It’s because they hate him and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. They dislike the fact that Curry is as good as he is, which is worrisome because now you just have a lot of blind hate for no apparent reason. The notion is as baseless as any other fake news.
bilz khan
bilz khan Acum lună
@Slang Bender Hes played without allstars before idk where everyone gets this notion
Slang Bender
Slang Bender Acum lună
@Fredrick Lee uh he's played with 3 all starts for the past 6 years he can have those struggle years, it I'll shut up the haters bc man's has 3 chips with no fmvps, it's a flawed reward but still
GreatestManAlive Acum lună
Without point forward Draymond. Curry would be leading warriors to last in the west.
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
Just like point forward Draymond was leading the Warriors to the finals last year when Curry was out, correct? Oh wait...
Slim Shiii
Slim Shiii Acum lună
Draymond has missed 5 games this season. Warriors are 3-2 in those games. They lost to nets and bucks.. curry has missed one game this season. Warriors and dray lost the game to the hornets.. last season without curry, dray led them to 15-50.. without curry vs hornets , dray had 3 assists in 34mins.. all those 19 assists are because of curry.. if u know u know. Dray is nothing without curry
David olive
David olive Acum lună
U tripping
Just chuck
Just chuck Acum lună
Lol but they had their assets whoope by 30 by LA? Ok. Just more ESPN scripted commentary to make a segment
싼다 Acum lună
Ok and they will be eliminated on 1round 4:0
MarkieD Acum lună
Lakers fans always be in other people's comments. Just remember the Washington loss
Luis Plaza
Luis Plaza Acum lună
It's really incredible they just got blown out lol
Raza Kids
Raza Kids Acum lună
@Karanveer Dhillon yeah tbh the jazz should be the team to face in the first round
Vishjit Acum lună
@Karanveer Dhillon this season, i have no expectations for them to make it past the first round lol
Timothy Reid
Timothy Reid Acum lună
@Kid Lightning bro u have no basketball knowledge
Karanveer Dhillon
Karanveer Dhillon Acum lună
@Vishjit Lmao they’re doing fine in the regular season, but will get blown off the floor in the playoffs when they play the Lakers or Clippers. They should try and go for the 8 seed so they don’t get swept out the first round
Vishjit Acum lună
@Kid Lightning u havent been watching their games have u?
MM MM Acum lună
Crazy to think klay got injured playing a pickup game
Maja Mintoft
Maja Mintoft Acum lună
@MM MM what a blow it was (still is) when we've learned that Klay has ruptured his Achilles!!!! Miss him so much! Can't wait to see him healthy and back in the game next szn!!! Splash Bros/Dubs back in the championship mix!
James Pegg
James Pegg Acum lună
just unlucky the play with danny green was super weird too just a string of super bad luck
Future Cities
Future Cities Acum lună
I agree, but they are currently losing by 40 to the Lakers without AD. Most strange is inconsistent team, hope they can get their stuff together and make it to the 6th seed at least.
Justin Swartz
Justin Swartz Acum lună
Warriors get Minnesota’s lottery pick this year so 2022 is looking like Championship run
Firestarter Acum lună
@william alexander alexander crying about what? Warriors can only get the pick if it's out of the top 3, and that's where the talent lies. . I'm over here laughing at Warriors fans cause they are delusional. They think their Warriors are so great, but without Katie they've been a mess and lost to LeBRONTRO... the city that was owned so bad by LeBron it had to forever change its name.
Karanveer Dhillon
Karanveer Dhillon Acum lună
@william alexander alexander Lmao they aren’t doing anything against the Clippers or Lakers even with a healthy Klay
william alexander alexander
william alexander alexander Acum lună
@Firestarter keep crying
Firestarter Acum lună
HAHA, your joking right? Even if the dubs get the Wolves' first round pick this year it won't fill any need they have with a good enough talent. All the talented big men are going 1-2-&3, and the Wolves' pick is protected giving them 1-2-or3 if it lands there. Then the dubs have to wait another year for the Wolves' pick which might not be a high pick at all. . Plus Wiseman is nowhere near ready. . Why is the comment section full of disillusioned Warriors fans? It's amazing, they needed a broken Kylie kneecap and dislocated Love shoulder to beat Bron without Katie, and now all the top teams are substantially more talented than that Cavs team that pushed an elite Klay and Curry to 6 games with Matthew Della-na-dive-ah as Bron's next best player. . Warriors are irrelevant for the next 3 years, and that's assuming Klay comes back healthy.
George Thinks
George Thinks Acum lună
Not as incredible as what the lakers are doing
Shawn Acum lună
Pockit Acum lună
This is why Steph will never be close to LeBron's level. LeBron repeatedly dragged terrible Cavs teams to the finals and nobody makes a big deal out of it because it's what we expect from LeBron. Steph has his team 7th place in the conference and people treat him like a Make A Wish Kid.
Unidentified Acum lună
this was directed at azwan btw not you Fredrick.
Unidentified Acum lună
@Fredrick Lee First, to say that the East was weak during LeBron's Cavs days is ignorant.And in the finals the only stacked team he lost with was the 2011 Heat. That was a legitimate choke job. Every other loss was him by himself against a team he had NO chance to beat.Even in 2014,D-Wade was just a shell of himself during the finals, you can look it up for yourself. LeBron *has* been the best player for about a decade, which isn't short. Let me make it simple, 2007 LeBron vs The All time great Spurs, 2014 LeBron vs the All time Spurs plus Kawhi, 2015, LeBron vs Curry, Klay,and prime Draymond. 2017 and 2018,LeBron vs a 73-9 team with arguably the all time greatest scorer.
Fredrick Lee
Fredrick Lee Acum lună
@Unidentified what part of what he said was hating? What was inaccurate about his statement?
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1 Acum lună
man Lebron only faced ONE first all-nba team guy in 10 YEARS on East
Unidentified Acum lună
@azwan azmi Hater alert
Dr. Bui3
Dr. Bui3 Acum lună
It's really incredible what the San Antonio Spurs are doing this season. With no All Star, Health and Safety protocol issues, and the 82nd best player in the NBA. Currently sitting tied with the Warriors (barring their loss to the Lakers).
albert mudakuvaka
albert mudakuvaka Acum lună
N those big ol women down there
Jack Hamblin
Jack Hamblin Acum lună
Who’s here at halftime of the Lakers blowout 😂
George Thinks
George Thinks Acum lună
I stopped watching after the 1 st quarter
Rose Buds
Rose Buds Acum lună
Yea play in game vibes, woohoo
blackmist1981 *FBT*
blackmist1981 *FBT* Acum lună
No its not
wslaps Acum lună
It’s just one game don’t forget with AD last time the Warriors won
JayD4G- Acum lună
Yet we getting blown out😑
Verified Bob Callahan
Verified Bob Callahan Acum lună
Good to see Woj getting analyst work
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts Acum lună
Draymond’s impact goes way beyond the stat sheet.
Djoker Dominator
Djoker Dominator Acum lună
Lillard never has had Draymond that’s difference, steph is much more shooting guard then PG while Dame got no choice
215 Philly
215 Philly Acum lună
Draymond is trash, can we get 20 points one time to help steph out maybe 15
215 Philly
215 Philly Acum lună
@MarkieD thank you
Nochallengetho Acum lună
Without Curry draymond is trash
Dave Clark
Dave Clark Acum lună
Yeah, Dray ran their best player off the team and impacted the Dubs' chance of winning any more chips.
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Acum lună
Mariah is incredible
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas Acum lună
i agree, steph is legit CARRYING the warriors. i gotta admit, i didn't think he had it in him to carry a team without kd, klay, and that nasty deep bench. i was wrong
215 Philly
215 Philly Acum lună
How did you not think that he could?? Lol that’s crazy
Ephraim Latson
Ephraim Latson Acum lună
To think that you must have not really been watching the warriors, (no hate)....but watching them before and after KD you really knew who was responsible for there success, and it was Curry
nickbh15 Acum lună
That’s because you’re a casual
Raza Kids
Raza Kids Acum lună
Oh well
Howard Davis
Howard Davis Acum lună
Man they the 8th seed relax🤦🏿‍♂️
vitamin dust
vitamin dust Acum lună
ESPN projected them at 14th seed at the start of the season.
wslaps Acum lună
In the west, if they were east they would be the 4th seed
Capp2much Acum lună
Mr Nick
Mr Nick Acum lună
Trying to be too cool alert “what’s up cuz” good grief shut up 🙄
Ben G Stackz
Ben G Stackz Acum lună
Yall act like the warriors don't boast three players that can give 15+ ppg and if klay was there it would be a borderline superteam
Darth MAGA Vader
Darth MAGA Vader Acum lună
The town💪
Tmac 01
Tmac 01 Acum lună
If Klay was around the West would be very interesting
The Prune
The Prune Acum lună
What about what the spurs are doing? No credit
Brenden Clifford
Brenden Clifford Acum lună
Crazy haven't heard a peep about the Spurs and they're 5th in the West..
Brenden Clifford
Brenden Clifford Acum lună
@Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa you buggin. Lmao
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa Acum lună
Cuz they boring
Angry Libertarian
Angry Libertarian Acum lună
You won’t, unless they “upset” someone in the playoffs...
dwaye Acum lună
@Lil latte Vlogs dawg the spurs have been arguably the only real dynasty in the 2000’s delete this
Lil latte Vlogs
Lil latte Vlogs Acum lună
@douchebagme and then they get bounced out the 1st round
HUMBLED1 Acum lună
🗣Put some respect on Steph name🤷🏽‍♂️
Bo Rood
Bo Rood Acum lună
Warriors are a 1st round exit. Their lucky run is over.
Dimitris Solaris
Dimitris Solaris Acum lună
Lennox Miller
Lennox Miller Acum lună
Why no one talking about the Spurs, if what the warriors and trailblazers are doing are incredible, then they could also talk about how the spurs are the 5th seed
Laurens Salcedo Valdez
Laurens Salcedo Valdez Acum lună
They probably talked about the Spurs, but in another point of the show. Can people stop reacting like this on short videos which are clearly about a CERTAIN topic.....
shahrukh877 Acum lună
because I guess everyone assumes coach Pop will get scrubs to the playoffs each year
Eugene M
Eugene M Acum lună
Because the Spurs are boring...they lack star power...sorry but its its true
Lennox Miller
Lennox Miller Acum lună
@Mickey T?
Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn Acum lună
Yung meat Lover
Yung meat Lover Acum lună
0:55 damm gannis gonna have probably 100 if he has decent longevity
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith Acum lună
boutta be we believe pt2
2017 Student Darnell Jones
2017 Student Darnell Jones Acum lună
I can’t wait
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Ionut Rusu
Vizionare 204 K
Nikolas Sax - Hai gata cu cearta (Official Video)
Florin Peste Records
Vizionare 1,1 mil