'Lord have mercy' - Stephen A. is fired up about Anthony Edwards' 'Jordan-esque' dunk | SportsCenter

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Mark Jackson and Michael Wilbon join Stephen A. Smith on SportsCenter to discuss Stephen Curry's MVP candidacy. Then Stephen A. debuts another edition of "Oh No You Didn't!"
0:00 Jackson talks LeBron James, the Utah Jazz and Steph.
2:35 Wilbon talks about Steph's MVP chances.
4:13 Stephen A. says "Oh No You Didn't!" to Luka Doncic, Nikola Vucevic, Yuta Watanabe, Donovan Mitchell and Anthony Edwards.
#NBA #Sports
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walter hank
walter hank Acum 9 Zile
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia Acum 9 Zile
They should change the nba logo to the Edwards dunk logo
PrettyBoyFrio Acum 11 Zile
Rose 117
Rose 117 Acum 13 Zile
I wish you luck? Idk maybe I'm crazy but if I was Mark Jackson that woulda offended me, like I needa get it together or sumn, man Mark Jackson ain't coachin but he good
Minji Kim
Minji Kim Acum 20 Zile
thats some asian hate violence right there lol
gFunk Acum 21 o Zi
That Edwards dunk........... jesus!!!
Mike Kendrick
Mike Kendrick Acum 24 Zile
That dunk was Blake Griffin ish
A. L. Inabinet
A. L. Inabinet Acum 28 Zile
Mark Jackson needs a laxative. He chock full of 💩. Donavan Mitchell is the front runner 🏃 for MVP.
Richy Milly
Richy Milly Acum 29 Zile
Anthony edwards looks like Michael Jordan
Francis Smithers
Francis Smithers Acum lună
It's shameful that Mark Jackson isn't an NBA head coach, people forget that he constructed those warriors that went on that run for 5 years, he built the core of that team, some team in the NBA need to give that dude a shot, if the sixers didn't have doc Rivers, I would be calling for them to hire Mark Jackson. Put some respect on Mark Jackson's name b******.
R. Moss
R. Moss Acum lună
Goodness! Respect your elders young man lol 😆😂🤣
Itzkanda Acum lună
bruh lebron always a mvp candidate
Kenny Ryan
Kenny Ryan Acum lună
Steph A tries too hard to be what society thinks a black man should be. Sick and tired of him saying he's an expert on basketball and the white guy isn't.
Reginald Jeanmarie
Reginald Jeanmarie Acum lună
That was entertaining.
Joseph Rasho
Joseph Rasho Acum lună
Ja Anthony and Zion Dunk Contest nxt yr!!!!!
Zelbon Grimmage
Zelbon Grimmage Acum lună
Tau Acum lună
Carter over Mutombo comes close elevation wise.
Isaac Brewton
Isaac Brewton Acum lună
The hate for Steph is real..... No cap..... But I think the Utah gone snuff the warriors.
Trey Koita
Trey Koita Acum lună
"Aw Lawdd!! Lawd have mercy!" 😂💀 This dude str8 comedy man
Ilovepretty_toes Batiste
Ilovepretty_toes Batiste Acum lună
Ohh lawdd 😭😭
Ilovepretty_toes Batiste
Ilovepretty_toes Batiste Acum lună
Lebron winning his 5th ring this season I'm happy af I remember when I thought he'll be stucc on 2 fa a while
Joaquin Stallworth
Joaquin Stallworth Acum lună
Thank you Stephen A for this. For 3 years you have stood firm behind your stance that Mark Jackson is truly responsible for assembling the greatest back court of all time. His falling out with the Warriors, although they are justified in there actions, did not deserve to be jobless that long in this league. Interviews like this although small are his short window into getting back in the head coach seat
Daniel Ajayi
Daniel Ajayi Acum lună
Ima be honest with myself. Jordan don’t got a dunk this good. He has a lot of amazing dunks with more importance. But from a purely how disrespectful and powerful a poster was I think edwards just got one that passed anything Jordan’s done
Media Brands
Media Brands Acum lună
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh Acum lună
Is this what Jeremy Lin meant by racism on Asian Americans 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Acum lună
The ceaseless seashore rheologically note because sundial totally roll until a fuzzy grandson. rich, broken mistake
Tra Vi
Tra Vi Acum lună
The wiggly anteater centrally trot because agreement reversely stitch against a adhesive finger. annoyed, far-flung waste
Randy at Random
Randy at Random Acum lună
Anthony Edwards is the Vince Carter of the modern NBA
Thanos Acum lună
my myplayer is a better shooter than curry 75 made 3s in a game 35 made 3s in a playoff game 801 made 3s in a season 👀
Tre Cook
Tre Cook Acum lună
But not fired up by lamelo
LoSoNBanks22 Acum lună
The thumbnail has me dead 😂
Jraddthomp Acum lună
But he hasn’t said a word about melo since opening night . The blackballing is crazy bro
Noah Williams
Noah Williams Acum lună
What Im saying! And it's all because of his dad.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar Acum lună
BRUH!!! Anthony Edwards just powerslammed him straight back to japan 😱💀
Andre Jordan
Andre Jordan Acum lună
The media just trying to make up for LeBron not winning last year..
DStroke Acum lună
Edwards Dunk Remind Me Of The T-Mac Dunk On Shawn Bradly 🏀🚀
Alfie Tank
Alfie Tank Acum lună
It is a Blood feud at this point. Yu's sons will need to revenge this disrespect to their ancestors honor🥵🥵🥵
Forty Deuce
Forty Deuce Acum lună
Traveling is not even a violation any more. Refs need to read the rule book.
netflix N' Chill
netflix N' Chill Acum lună
SAS about to explode when he misheard Steph isn't the greatest shooter 😂
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Acum lună
Maybe I Haven't payed attention but I love Stephen A in this type of platform. Can't stand him on debates. This is a good forum.
Kuzie Mkosana
Kuzie Mkosana Acum lună
Number 1??????? Man these niggaz are bugging! What about Harden, Curry, Joel, Dame, Jokic and many other people that are putting better numbers than him? Cant give him just because he is 36, lebron is being outplayed every night
18magicMARKer Acum lună
that's a top 10 all time dunk...he needed to showboat a little more...the bench should of had way more reaction...too bad he's a rookie he would have gotten way more love
YO PAUL Acum lună
Its time we admit Steph has surpassed his father, Dell Curry.
Mark Young
Mark Young Acum lună
Hope u get a chance to coach again man...👍.
Micah Alexander Davis
Micah Alexander Davis Acum lună
Why y’all bring up Lebron?
That Dunk reminded me when Vince Carter jumped over the guy head in the Olympics
SwiftyNarwhal Acum lună
Age and longevity don’t have anything to do with the mvp race. They can be factored into all time ranking but I’m sick of people saying lebron should win simply because “he’s putting his body under a lot of stress and playing a lot of minutes.”
-Ari- The-new-
-Ari- The-new- Acum lună
I betbanthony Edwards watching this
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Acum lună
Woke le china favorite uh i am completely tire of the nba . Is a popularity contest.
Jordanesque? that dunk was nastier than any dunk jordan has ever done
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Acum lună
Anthony Michael Jordan edwards
Evan Harriman
Evan Harriman Acum lună
How can you possibly have LeBron #1 in MVP?? I don't mean that as a slight, LeBron is the best player in the world, but he is clearly NOT having the best regular season, arguably not even top 3.
magic mark
magic mark Acum lună
I should've known this was clickbait
Jamal Abdelbaset
Jamal Abdelbaset Acum lună
Utah will choke in the Playoffs. Nothing to get too excited about here, folks.
Kirk Mitchell
Kirk Mitchell Acum lună
Mark jacksons dumb Joel and jokic are both ahead of Lebron. Look at per, efficiency and box score.
ISLAND BOI Acum lună
Of course you would have James as #1
Van Iyke
Van Iyke Acum lună
Hornets have had A LOT of "oh no u didnt." this season but u won't hear a squeak from Steven A on theSteven A... Oh no u DIDN'T!!!
SPLYCE Acum lună
Don't worry Yuta, at least your team will make the playoffs without Jimmy Butler.
Reaux Knows
Reaux Knows Acum lună
No Disrespect but Jordan never got this high 😤😤💪🏾💪🏾
M.Wade Acum lună
The dunk was so crazy it was 3 & 1 lmfaoooo
M.Wade Acum lună
The Jazz literally have really same exact team from last year with the exception of Conley being more healthy; what they’re doing is literally insane. But my beloved Heat ended that streak and we literally haven’t been fully 100% since Christmas and we’re slowly getting our rhythm back.
Aj Hudson
Aj Hudson Acum lună
Jordan ain’t neva did something like that
* WillHall229
* WillHall229 Acum lună
It's crazy how LeBron was looked over for playing alongside AD last year, yet Harden had a chance playing with Kyrie and KD. The LeBron hate is just ridiculous at this point.
DA Nko
DA Nko Acum lună
It’s funny how Stephen a smith has not even brought Lamelo once since he’s been going crazy
quest 77051
quest 77051 Acum lună
that dunk was straight nasty. smh.
skt t1 ZERO
skt t1 ZERO Acum lună
how tf is lebron is in mvp conversation again lol
All day Flames
All day Flames Acum lună
Better dunk than any of Jordan’s.😴😴😴
King Ortiz Jr.
King Ortiz Jr. Acum lună
lmao sas everywhere.. cut him some slack ESPN
Eva Makarski
Eva Makarski Acum lună
The kindly wheel isely pinch because payment acromegaly turn pro a unused archer. woozy, parched iraq
Harold Green
Harold Green Acum lună
Anthony Edwards...Wooooo....Pitiful Poster!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brahman Lewis
Brahman Lewis Acum lună
Traveling, 6 steps 😂😂😂
rodskt100 Acum lună
lol Lebron #1 the joke of the year
I never seen the same play be #3 AND #1 lmfao
Basically half the nba is in the mvp discussion rn
Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis Acum lună
Reminds you of the 2000-2003 Lakers. Think about this Shaq...Rudy Mamba...Spida Horry... Clarkson
Wong Joman
Wong Joman Acum lună
And he's a fragile asian dude....that make it more savage.....right?
NBA Clips
NBA Clips Acum lună
Warriors in 4
ibo rivera
ibo rivera Acum lună
Embid > lebron
ibo rivera
ibo rivera Acum lună
He’s drunk
Mr Eight
Mr Eight Acum lună
Luka is rn the greatest player of all time get him some better players
Mad Polluter
Mad Polluter Acum lună
Stephen A now has to apologize to Asians lol. Soft society
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez Acum lună
Anthony Edwards funks best of the year , I suprised when falls#3 but make a comeback at %1
Eric Morris
Eric Morris Acum lună
Lb is not the mvp
blackezi3 Acum lună
A Queens NY broadcast. Love to see it
Michael Trenier
Michael Trenier Acum lună
How is he the favorite when they’re losing and at least FIVE other players are playing BETTER THAN HIM. Embiid is the MVP followed by Jokic Harden Steph Kawhi dude I’m DONE with the media
JD's Toxic
JD's Toxic Acum lună
Your contradicting yourself you just talked about how his team is losing yet bring up steph who is on a losing team. Not only that but Bron has better stats than kawhi and his team is doing better than kawhis...jokic is doing amazing too but his team is losing games they should've won and is 7th seed right in front of the warriors who are the 8th. Bron and embiid are the 2 main competitors for MVP with jokic being the 3rd.
Desmond Wilkins
Desmond Wilkins Acum lună
They had the same sgit last year and what happened...got kicked out ..excuses excuse
Rehan Acum lună
Luka donchick.. 🤣🤣
Rehan Acum lună
Why are they lebron so much importance in MVP race.. His stats aren't that amazing.. He is not even playing that well
Quan Loves Gaming
Quan Loves Gaming Acum lună
Jordan Esque? Nah fan this was better then that
Adam Acum lună
Im hoping Lebron win MVP this year but come on man..Steph is proving everyone wrong this year..my top 3 right now is Steph,Lebron and Embid
Terry Smithson
Terry Smithson Acum lună
The used end connolly fire because closet evocatively record behind a obsequious sushi. guttural H habitual, guiltless deodorant
jon Q
jon Q Acum lună
Julius Randle should be in the discussion too, the award is MOST VALUABLE not BEST player Award, though clearly LeBron should win this every single year until he retires.
JonPMatthews Acum lună
Honestly, Stephen A. is about way too much clout and fame now. Liked him more when he was just an over opinionated analyst.
JonPMatthews Acum lună
Not tryna take away from this dunk though. ‘Twas fukcin nutz. I just needed to speak my mind on how I feel abt Stephen A.
travisrsmith44 Acum lună
Crazy how they making the fact LeBron or any other player playing every game as a accolade. You SUPPOSED to play every game.
Tz_mzU1 Acum lună
I don't get the argument against Curry "he needs the ensemble", when James is playing with AD, Harden with Kyrie, Embid with a much better team around him. What kind of logic is that????
roll wash
roll wash Acum lună
He said it right, he needs a lot stars around him to look good. James Harden can take a G league team and make it to the playoffs. The only problem when he get there is chokeitis. This year we will see what's up with the best team he ever played with.
Dre Dashon
Dre Dashon Acum lună
No one wants to admit that you need at least 2 stars to even be a real playoff contender so when someone is trying to carry a whole team by their self they get criticized for not being able to do it alone
UltimateSSjin Acum lună
j317 They’re a game away from the 5th seed tho
j317 Acum lună
I guess he was saying he needs his team around him to play better so they can win more games then steph would have a shot at winning mvp if they win more
Go On Prewfy
Go On Prewfy Acum lună
It's the absence of logic.
How do so much of the media have Lebron as MVP? lol
Tz_mzU1 Acum lună
So the Jazz have no mvp candidate??
JP Acum lună
This dunk is known as hiroshima
Tee M
Tee M Acum lună
Stephen a . You work hard no question about it but I don't like the show... I think you definitely deserve a show by yourself Don't get me wrong Make the money brother you deserve it what I mean I don't like is the tone of the show..I wanna stephen skip smith lol
Rob Royal
Rob Royal Acum lună
Dunk of the year!
Life Coach Jesse
Life Coach Jesse Acum lună
Lebron should have been MVP in 2020
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