The biggest buyers and sellers before the NBA trade deadline | The Jump

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The biggest buyers and sellers before the NBA trade deadline | The Jump
Marc J. Spears, Zach Lowe and Ramona Shelburne join Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss the biggest buyers and sellers before the NBA trade deadline.
0:00 Spears says keep an eye on the Southwest division: Kristaps Porzingis, PJ Tucker and Victor Oladipo.
1:00 Shelburne says Cleveland is the biggest seller: contenders would like to have Andre Drummond.
1:46 Lowe mentions the Oklahoma City Thunder.
3:36 Spears says the LA Clippers are looking for a point guard and to keep an eye on the Brooklyn Nets.
4:00 Spears mentions the Nets are shopping Spencer Dinwiddie, despite his injury.
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ESPN Acum lună
The biggest buyers and sellers before the NBA trade deadline | The Jump 0:00​ Spears says keep an eye on the Southwest division: Kristaps Porzingis, PJ Tucker and Victor Oladipo. 1:00​ Shelburne says Cleveland is the biggest seller: contenders would like to have Andre Drummond. 1:46​ Lowe mentions the Oklahoma City Thunder. 3:36​ Spears says the LA Clippers are looking for a point guard and to keep an eye on the Brooklyn Nets. 4:00​ Spears mentions the Nets are shopping Spencer Dinwiddie, despite his injury.
Deloneys Acum lună
You think they're worth that?
Deloneys Acum lună
Thank God your not a GM then. That is horrible+
Thanemless True-Arrow
Thanemless True-Arrow Acum lună
@Mark Swift It's a nice idea, but I think Kawhi wants to live in, and play in southern California.
Dee Rock
Dee Rock Acum lună
I live in Dallas and they love KP here. He sells tickets. I don’t see the Mavs trading him. I do believe there going try to get Andre Drummond. They know they can’t rely on KP to stay healthy. They need Drummond.
Mark Swift
Mark Swift Acum lună
The Knicks need to package Kevin Knox,Payton and a 2nd rd pick for Lonzo and JJ Redick. Mitchell Robinson would benefit so much from having a point guard like Lonzo plus the dude plays D. the Knicks need a vet shooter too for there playoff run. and if they low 🔑 can do a side trade to pick up PJ Tucker for a future 2nd that would definitely make the Knicks a nice solid playoff team. All’s I’m sayin is if the Knicks make the playoffs and win a first round playoff series and Kawhi ops out of his contract you better believe Leon Rose is going go all in on bringing Kawhi to the Knicks.
King Thunder
King Thunder Acum lună
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Acum lună
Pacers lucked out in landing levert for oladipo man, they were going to loose him for nothing
James Luokkala
James Luokkala Acum lună
Spears has a very slapable face.
Ejay Matum
Ejay Matum Acum lună
The weary joseph findingsinitially taste because thunder family trap below a crazy coin. nostalgic, belligerent seeder
Maria Fe Alcantara, MD
Maria Fe Alcantara, MD Acum lună
Girl your camera keeps on moving... it makes me dizzy. You’re on espn , please
Sin Amos
Sin Amos Acum lună
Too many foreheads.
K K Acum lună
Drummond to the Lakers in the buyout market!! Second chip.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Acum lună
Lakers want to upgrade at the 5-spot ? 😑😑😑😑Should not have signed Marc Gasol.
Michael Grogan
Michael Grogan Acum lună
Drummond for Porzingis
Petar V
Petar V Acum lună
Nemanja Bjelica? Come on this is getting straight up dissrespectful with the pronounciation
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim Acum lună
analysts lost a lot of credibility when absolutely NO ONE saw the Kawhi and PG pairing happening.
Deloneys Acum lună
She on here looking like wolverine
Nate sports fanatic
Nate sports fanatic Acum lună
of course you dont talk about the raptors because you are prejudice and clueless
Darnell Darden
Darnell Darden Acum lună
It’s clear now trading KP was the best thing Phil Jackson ever did for the Knicks
LeBaron King
LeBaron King Acum lună
Four non-Basketball ballers that couldn't make a Saturday am run in Mosswood Park, after all the real players have left the park talking about Professional Basketball. ESPN is really reaching with these Clowns.
Gennaro Santoro
Gennaro Santoro Acum lună
Marc J. Spears is the definition of a talking head.... "keep and eye out for [random player / team]". Also, love how he qualifies that he's been talking to GMs, executives and long time scouts... lots of smoke
Arjun Acum lună
Why in the world would the 5seed Spurs get rid of DeRozan, their best player
Thiv guru
Thiv guru Acum lună
ghezzz been a while since we seen Marc
Guiilty Acum lună
Don’t the celtics have a huge trade exception? I can see Drummond to the Celtics for that TPE and maybe a young filler. I got Lowry to the Sixers for Green, Thybulle, fillers and a pick Oladipo to the knicks for Knox and a pick Could maybe see the Warriors trade Wiggins along with the Minny pick and bring in a guy like Beal or Porzingis. A pg for the Clippers could be Lonzo ball. Just not sure if the Pelicans wants anything they have because I’m sure they want young or picks and not beverley or expiring Lou will, also not sure Clippers wanna trade Lou. Clippers might be fucked on a PG tbh unless they wanna go after say an Ish Smith type guy. Or there’s Rubio who Minny could wanna get rid of, 17m 2yrs and take Lou will and Zubac but those are 2 key players for them so idk maybe george hill in the buyout but he’s not really the kind of PG they want
Griffin Hilgenfeldt
Griffin Hilgenfeldt Acum lună
These ppl have no idea what they r talking about
Adarsh Nambi
Adarsh Nambi Acum lună
Freddy C
Freddy C Acum lună
Teams want rim protectors that rebound for the playoffs.
Life Coach Jesse
Life Coach Jesse Acum lună
"I've been talking to GMs and other executives" "I'm being told by my sources"
Bryce Baker
Bryce Baker Acum lună
Dude on the left is a hack
Dee Day257
Dee Day257 Acum lună
Imagine JaVale McGee going to Brooklyn...and meeting the Lakers in the Finals. Could win back-to-back rings with two different franchises. I mean, not gonna happen cuz Clippers will be in the Finals but, it’s still be cool. 😅
3bz Acum lună
Sound it out man yah bealitza..
Darrel's channel
Darrel's channel Acum lună
the bucks should sign jamal crawford, just a thought
BrilliantDominance Acum lună
This was a trash segment
Nef Speaks
Nef Speaks Acum lună
Clippers trade Ibaka for Dinwiddie?
Talk to me nice252
Talk to me nice252 Acum lună
Nets go get paul zinggggg
Gio Acum lună
Loving Ramona at home! Ramona and Amin look so happy at home 😂
Itsloco314 Acum lună
Nobody wants Boogie?
druzo26 Acum lună
Is Romana sitting on a toddler stool and Mark on a high chair🤔
Zaviay Taylor
Zaviay Taylor Acum lună
The fact that Dallas isn't being eviscerated for shopping KP after extending him - but NYK was... Yeah, Knicks fans feel vindicated.
mrpzpdx Acum lună
Ya right 7 footer with injury history and is a whiner just let him go..
Gino Benatti
Gino Benatti Acum lună
Zach Lowe is the best thing ESPN has. BS is waiting to sign him away.
Dajuan Fitz
Dajuan Fitz Acum lună
If the lakers somehow get hassan Whiteside the league stupid
Tre Jaay
Tre Jaay Acum lună
The Cavs CEO said if LeKing wants anyone from the Cleveland Cavs he’s more welcome to have em. 😂
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim Acum lună
The alike gum morphologically label because moat holly decay around a questionable bengal. joyous, cagey community
LordLoquat Acum lună
Times must be tough over at Disney. Zach Lowe is displaying The Jump logo on a "flat screen" TV circa 2006 and poor Ramona Is using a Nokia taken from Bin Laden's cave.
Derald Deason
Derald Deason Acum lună
Lakers would gladly take JJ Reddick and if tha Mavs would move Porzingis that would be a Stupid trade move on their part but that could be a Chip acquisition for many teams.....
Yu Od
Yu Od Acum lună
The unnatural giraffe actually pine because food perioperaively discover sans a true defense. sudden, wide society
DaltonGK1 Acum lună
Saw that Ramana girl and went straight to the comments 🤣
Mark-Anthony Naytorri II
Mark-Anthony Naytorri II Acum lună
Buyers and seller makes trades sound like slave auctions
The blunt report
The blunt report Acum lună
Hope the Pistons get Dinwidde
L Ll
L Ll Acum lună
Thaddeus Young and Garrett Temple for Spencer Dinwiddie. Should happen good for both teams and players Dinwiddie belongs in Chicago
SeanScatpack Fallon
SeanScatpack Fallon Acum lună
Who TF would Dallas be looking to get to replace KP??
t731 Acum lună
vucevic (prob magic dont want it)... drummond to get cap space this offseason (prob mavs dont want it)... Wiseman + Green (prob gsw wont want it) or + Wiggins (prob mavs dont want it)... Adams + Ball (or Redick?) and Dallas adds Powell... I can see at least one of these happening, however unlikely they may seem.
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick Acum lună
Good 'ol Marc "Dashiki" J. Spears
PlatinumState Acum lună
Lol at that Nemanja Bjelica pronunciation
Riot Or diet
Riot Or diet Acum lună
They never said leastern conference when lebron played in a worse east smh.objective fans yes but not espn
HW2800 Acum lună
Lebrun James to be traded!
Chris Page
Chris Page Acum lună
Orlando will surely be sellers, Fournier, AG, Birch all possibly on the move I'd think.
Accolade HQ
Accolade HQ Acum lună
Knicks gunna trade assets for Oladipo
TrikShotsGaming Acum lună
Ramona lost me at Drummond being an impact player
marcelo brozovic
marcelo brozovic Acum lună
Celtics need big man more than anything else and I am thinking if Ainge could pull out Drummond and Oladipo trades to pair them with Brown and Tatum it could be interesting
brayan2186 Acum lună
It's as if the raptors don't exist
Mike Rivera
Mike Rivera Acum lună
The NBA is broke
The playoff tournament for the last two spots was a genius idea
kelan cameron
kelan cameron Acum lună
@Jonathan Vega The Warriors' case is different. Klay was injured right from the beginning. What's the purpose of the 82/70 game season if ur gonna make a play in tournament? Play in tournaments only work in college cuz teams never play all the college teams. When you make a play in tournament, you're only making a team preserve their players throughout the regular season (making them less competitive) to make sure that they are 100% in the play in tournament.
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega Acum lună
@kelan cameron not really because now almost every single team is in the playoffs picture and it makes it more competitive and it just means the best team at the time is going to make it along with less tanking making the whole league more competitive and fair as for injuries u can’t control that the warriors didn’t have curry and Klay last year did they deserve a spot just cause of injury’s teams have to overcome that type of stuff
Gio Acum lună
More basketball is always fun but like Zach said, the playin games resulted in way more teams finding themselves in "no man's land," not good enough to contend, not bad enough to blow it up.
Olumide Aje
Olumide Aje Acum lună
@kelan cameron Memphis benefited from having a super easy schedule before the pandemic hit. Had the season not been interrupted there was a good chance they didn't make it anyway as they started to play the better teams in the 2nd half of the schedule.
Harlyn Btw
Harlyn Btw Acum lună
@kelan cameron i like both teams but what they did to Memphis was not fair they wore supposed to go to the play offs but cuz of this play in thing they lost that was messed up
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett Acum lună
I wanna see sabonis and derozan in portland or LA (clippers or lakers). They're too talented to waste away in tiny markets non-contenders. If portland could land them before the deadline, that could give brooklyn a run for their money.
ChrisbeFoSerious Acum lună
Mavericks Trade Idea: Mavericks Receive: Nikola Vucevic & Evan Fournier Orlando Magic Receive: Kristaps Porzingis Boban Marjanovic Josh Green Tyrell Terry 2024 1st Pick Top 5 Protected 2027 1st Round Pick
ClipperTown In LA
ClipperTown In LA Acum lună
Teams that could use and have assets for unicorn Gsw 1. Celtics 2. Jazz 4. Spurs 7. Kings 6. Magic 5. Blazers 3. Raptors
Nutroll Jones
Nutroll Jones Acum lună
Ramona looking rough
Gilbert Buchanan
Gilbert Buchanan Acum lună
The Lakers need Kevin Huerter of the Atlanta Hawks | #3 | Guard-Forward he is a 3-point specialist and good defender, and he doesn’t cost that much.
Dawn Bee
Dawn Bee Acum lună
Ingram for Porzingis
Charles Schwabb
Charles Schwabb Acum lună
No one mentions the lakers. We need the goat to have as much miles as possible to complete the three peat, I guarantee there will be movement before the deadline.
Laverne Hinds
Laverne Hinds Acum lună
Send Drummond back to the D for blake we need him in Cleveland
Jonathan Vega
Jonathan Vega Acum lună
Yes another center for the team with 7 centers on the roster
Striker Waj
Striker Waj Acum lună
Can Hornets trade Bismack and Cody for a legit Center?
Jeje Here
Jeje Here Acum lună
The well-to-do gray booly order because afterthought intuitively learn up a massive december. rabid, hypnotic keyboarding
Dante Olaivar
Dante Olaivar Acum lună
its better trade Willy cauley-Stien than Kristapz,Willy is not deserves for Dallas
Original J
Original J Acum lună
Mavs need to trade their centers and stop playing Porzingas at PF. He’s getting burnt.
Original J
Original J Acum lună
@Chopan8809 trade the centers but let him play guard?
Chopan8809 Acum lună
What position should he play
Manny daprofit
Manny daprofit Acum lună
Dallas gotta put some stars around my boy LUKA! kid is a beast don’t waste his talent
Carso Acum lună
Scott -O
Scott -O Acum lună
Of course a unicorn has high maintenance issues
KiNg Va’zquez
KiNg Va’zquez Acum lună
Great intel by mark. Made me realize maybe Boston should get the big guy from the Spurs
415 Rocket
415 Rocket Acum lună
The mavs need to trade for Victor O. And P.J because the lack in those positions, they lack 3 & D players, and they need another player like Victor who can create his offense when Luka is off the floor . If they're going to have Luka run point, they need more star power to take the attention off him and try to keep KAP even though his health is questionable. We still need Kap because he can stretch the floor and allow Luka or Victor to go 1v1 against defenders. We also need to be able to disguise Luka in our defense because he's a liability but with him at point and bigger bodies on the floor. It'll be hard for offense to spot him out without calling a specific play. Pg - Luka SG - Victor SF - Josh PF - P.J C - KAP Bench - Jalen B. Kieber D.F.S Or bench is solid, it really don't matter just these 3 can rotate better with the starters
E P Acum lună
People just now realizing porzingis sucks.
Jose S
Jose S Acum lună
As a Knicks fan, it put a big smile on my face to hear the Mavs already wanna trade Porzingis for being injury prone, his salary and being difficult... we definitely won that trade.
E Gotti26
E Gotti26 Acum lună
Definitely won that trade, all the players the knicks received are gone but also left us with alot of cap space
Matthew Welch
Matthew Welch Acum lună
💯 my dude. But the media won’t say that.
Original J
Original J Acum lună
Let’s see how you draft first, all the players we traded y’all are gone. We still have Hardaway Jr
Vaguely Acum lună
Celts should go for Andre
crenge Acum lună
The 80s and 90s were the best in Basketball.Guys would stay in one place or their entire career with one team,all the shuffling....ehhh,sucks!
Patrick Ozigbu
Patrick Ozigbu Acum lună
Trade porzingis!!!!
stephen wong
stephen wong Acum lună
Not very good analysis on missing out on some obvious names such as PJ Tucker and Harrison Barnes. There are also some sexy names such as Nikola Vucevic if the Magic decide to blow things up. Raptors will definitely be in the trade market as well.
Augustus K Weah Jr
Augustus K Weah Jr Acum lună
Excellent insight.:.slow ya roll wit the Carushow talk, Ramona (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
John Benson
John Benson Acum lună
balltalkdeep Acum lună
Heat better make some trades before tradeline if they wanna run it back
Logan Floyd
Logan Floyd Acum lună
Porzingis for Wiggins, Wiseman, and a 2nd
Corey Trepagnier
Corey Trepagnier Acum lună
Joker Benfica
Joker Benfica Acum lună
It is amazing as always that Ramona talks is to talk about the Lakers and Lebron.....nothing else
Kriss Kross T
Kriss Kross T Acum lună
Porzingis contract is horrible
Brandon Saunders
Brandon Saunders Acum lună
Clippers need Kyle Lowry
Charles Cardona
Charles Cardona Acum lună
Ramona has not discovered a spot to place her phone and Zach got slapped pre-show. Welcome to ESPN.
Baz Acum lună
Since when are the Nets shopping Dinwiddie?! I've never heard this.
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward Acum lună
His contract is up at the end of the year so I think that's what makes him attractive to teams trying to create salary space
gino m
gino m Acum lună
Drummond to the Suns!
Macuxi Amazoni
Macuxi Amazoni Acum lună
If JaVale McGee goes to the Nets, alone this it decides ahead who is going to win the title this season. Nets is strong as it is, however with McGee, it is one of the best Teams ever build. I am a great coffee drinker btw :), I could come and sit at the bench for the ring too :). Happilly with my coffee watching from the bench and warming up together, I would not impose to play a minute :). Man, it would be the easiest way to get a nba ring.
Mephisto Soa
Mephisto Soa Acum lună
Lonzo to team who needs Point Guard
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve Acum lună
Kayonzo Acum lună
Why would you trade KP when his value is at a minimum rn?
W W Acum lună
I don't want Dallas to give up on KP and Luka yet. All you need to do is surround them with shooters and 3 and D guys. These guys could be contenders look what they did against the Clips.
michael spagnolo
michael spagnolo Acum lună
***ATTENTION*** BY FAR BEST TRADE YET FOR BOSTON!!! ×××××××××××× (BOS-IND-DET) ×××××××××××× Bos gets *Tj. Warren *Sabonis ×××××××× Ind gets *Smart *J.Grant *Thompson *Nesmith ×××××××××× Det gets *Waters *Langford *G.Williams *Thies *Future pick
Chris S
Chris S Acum lună
I would trade porzingis
Taylor Noble
Taylor Noble Acum lună
Hope JJ goes to the lakers
Hairy Mofo
Hairy Mofo Acum lună
They do need a sharpshooter but Reddick's salary would make the trade complicated
Bitcoin Ethereum
Bitcoin Ethereum Acum lună
Jj Reddick would be great on Dallas
Philippines Unfiltered
Philippines Unfiltered Acum lună
J Walking
J Walking Acum lună
Half the rockets
capcityrdrz Acum lună
Gonna start a gofundme so Ramona Shelbourne can get a smartphone tripod. Who’s with me???
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